Cynthia Scott
Vessel for a Precarious Position

Vessel for a Moment of Clarity

Vessel for a Leaky Situation

Vessel for a Faltering Economy

Vessel for Diminishing Returns

Vessel for What Has Been Lost

Vessel for the Ties That Bind Us

Vessel to Contain My Sorrow

Vessel for Disappointment

Vessel for a Blues Town

Vessel for a Trust Fund Baby

Vessel for a Concrete Solution

Vessel for a Grey Garden

Vessel for the Real Cost

Vessel for a Half-Formed Thought

Vessel for a Closed Mind

Vessel for a Deaf Ear
This is a series of mixed media conceptual vessels with concept suggested by the title – the viewer fills the empty vessel with his own reactions. The vessels illustrate my belief in the beauty of common, transitory, and recycled materials as diverse as facial tissue, epoxy resin, scrap sheet metal, blue roof tarp, concrete, fruit skin, cast iron and rope lights. They trace my frustrations with an unsympathetic electorate pre-Katrina through the emotions of post-storm recovery. My choice of materials was augmented by the massive amount of debris created by the hurricanes and subsequent floods.