mixed media sculpture installation

My work incorporates salvaged, recycled and otherwise easily obtainable materials to explore sociopolitical issues, often hybridizing the old with the new. I like the idea that art can be made out of anything at hand without depending on money or specialized equipment, and I find the intrinsic qualities of humble substances conceptually rich. Using such “repurposed” materials also appeals to my sense of Earth stewardship in the desire to utilize nearly everything that crosses my path at least twice before getting rid of it.

This particular hybridized approach to making work forms a synergy between found or recycled material, constructed elements (wood, metal, fiber), newly created objects, historical/cultural references, and plays of cast shadows and light. My process often involves time-intensive, repetitive forms of handwork – wrapping, knot tying, stitching, crocheting – and gives me an intimate involvement with each piece. The materials chosen for each work hint at the concept(s) behind the piece.